Thursday, 22 December 2016

Fun filled Kids Educational Playroom

Traditional classroom concept with black board and benches is very unconventional now days. It’s a proven fact that grasping capacity is definitely on higher side with observation rather than simply listening.  Play room is the favorite room in the house for the kids. This room offers the most fun to them with no obvious reason. Hence now it’s a time to convert classroom into play room. In the todays changing environment, it is essential to develop their intellectual and physical capacity. From our point of view, play can look like just a silly fun. But from kids view, it is how they experiment and observe the world.

Kids are natural explorer. They are drawn to the things around them. If the classroom is filled with plenty of open ended toys that allow kids to experiment and try new things they can grasp the things easily and in a playful manner. Toys are more than just fun. Toys provide some opportunity for children to learn something.

Some educational toys engage a child’s sense, develop their imagination power and encourage them to interact. Every new shape, colour and sound is a learning experience for the kids. Giving different options within the classroom also helps to decrease the behavior problems. Interest areas in classroom such as blocks, toys, music etc. can help them in developing concentration. Making education enjoyable will help to develop a positive attitude towards learning. This is just similar to PopKorn Kids concept “Playing is learning”. PopKorn has created learning solutions for kids in the form of audio-visuals, educational games and books to develop early childhood skills.

By playing games, kids may be able to understand a new concept or idea. Through games kids can learn a variety of skills such as creativity, teamwork, sportsmanship etc. Using play method as a tool to teach in the early childhood classroom will bring a holistic approach to the content and will help developing every part of each child. Playing is an important aspect for healthy brain development. After teaching a lesson, letting children play will help them put the information they have just learned into imaginary real world situations. Playing also offers some cherished memories.

So, make your classroom full of fun and enjoyable for kids!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

PopKorn seminar Glimpse to make Math PLAYROOM

To ensure the commitment of providing high quality learning experience to the kids of 2 to 7 years, PopKorn Kids offers the various kindergarten learning solutions with a blend of activity based and games based learning for schools, teachers, parents & students. We all know that, play is a crucial part of child’s development to explore their skills, so as the learning tools.

To emphasis on the playway learning methodologies used in pre-schools, PopKorn Kids organized the seminar on “Connect Math with Life and Life with Math” to help the pre-schools and teachers understand what kind of methods should be used while making kids learn new things at developmental stage of their life. The seminar was presented by Dr.Rebecca Klemm, The Numbers Lady of USA, the PopKorn Mom: Ms.Karishma Sanghvi and Mr. Piyush Joshi.

Seminar was organized on 26th November, 2016 and 2nd – 3rd December, 2016 at Surat, Rajkot and Ahmedabad respectively. Total 260 schools and 1150 teachers made the seminar successful. PopKorn Kids takes the path breaking step to bring global teaching methods, concepts and strategies of early childhood at our doorstep by inviting Dr. Rebecca Klemm to share her philosophy of teaching numbers in a fun way. She enthralled the attendees with live demonstrations to change classroom into playroom personally designed by her. She explained the importance of incorporating technology in a fun way of teaching and connecting math with day to day life. “We should teach children in the way they understand.” said Dr.Rebecca.

Ms. Karishma Sanghavi known as PopKorn Mom, who has participated in various Early Childhood Education seminars, has designed various learning solutions in the form of educational games, audio – visuals, assessment tools, books, activities etc. designed especially for future generation. “There are 5000 preschools (Gujarati and English language) in Gujarat and more than 30000 teachers contributing the development of the kids. Every teacher should teach the kids in the play way methods to get the best out of them. They should love to connect and engage themselves with kids in playful manner by converting the classroom into PLAYROOM. So that the kids can understand, engage and explore at early childhood development. By doing so, the kids can feel Playing is Learning.” Said PopKorn Mom.

PopKorn has designed the playway methods to make learning easy, effective and enjoyable. PopKorn aims to convert pre-school classrooms into playrooms in the near future. Hence, Mr Tejas Shah - the Director of IDeAL Experiential Learning Private Limited has concluded the event with decision to remain in the forefront of a transformational approach with his announcement of launching of the Council of International Innovative Educators (CIIE), which was greeted with cheers and a big round of applause. And Dr.Rebecca was the first initiative under this council. This council will connect all the educators at one place so as to share the new learning and teaching methodologies, tools, experiences with each other and contribute to the brighter future of the kids.

Mr. Tejas Shah, the founder and Director of Ideal addressed the attentive audience with his belief that there is an absolute need to tie global education and training directly to our infrastructure.

Dr. Rebecca has announced her Certification Course to make ‘Math Makers’ who will change our math classroom to math playroom where kids will make math meaningful in the association with PopKorn Kids.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Highlights from PopKorn Kids Surat Event

Photos from Gandhi Smriti Bhavan, Surat 
Event Date: 28th November, 2016
Organized by: PopKorn Kids

Ms.Karishma Sanghvi along with Yugal Jodi: Piyush-Paresh

Amazing Surat Audience

Dr.Rebecca Klemm with kids on the stage

Mr Tejas Shah - Founder & Director of IDeAL 

PopKorn Mom with the Numbers Lady - Dr.Rebecca Klemm

PopKorn Kids is also coming up with other two events with Dr.Rebecca Klemm @Ahmedabad & Rajkot on 2nd and 3rd December,2016 respectively.

To register for this informative event, drop a mail now on 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Playway methods for Kids to Bring out the best

Wondering or what?  No need to do so, folks...!  

We all know that kids love to play a lot.  Between the age of 2 to 7 years, children develops the skills of knowledge, understanding of self and surroundings. But, to make them learn, the methodology used, also play significant role in child's learning. At this age, they prefer to play and enjoy. If we show them a book and ask them to read or learn, probably they will not. But learning is also important! Hence, PopKorn Kids has developed such a concept for preschools and kindergarten to make kids' learning enjoyable; and that’s 'Playing is learning' concept.

Play is a crucial part of a child's development to explore their skills. PopKorn Kids offer such playful methods for kids and preschools. PopKorn Methodology includes learning through stories, rhymes, puzzles, activities, games etc. that will help the children to learn and grow.

Considering such playful methodology for preschools and kindergarten, PopKorn Kids is coming up with an extraordinary seminar of Letters and Numbers addressing the preschools, preschool teachers, parents and kids pertaining to the Early Childhood Education and Development. As they all play vital role in early childhood development. 

How a particular concept or skills should be developed in kids through play way method, will be described by Kindergarten experts. Seminar will be held by The Numbers Lady of USA & Yuva Jugal Jodi of Surat accompanied by PopKorn Mom. 

PopKorn Team loves to bring out the best in your children...Aren't you?

Join the seminar by giving us a call on 7874777747 & Get a Surprise Gift!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Early Childhood Education Seminar by PopKorn Kids

By bringing Global Education Methodology to India, we at PopKorn Kids - an initiative by IDeAL Experiential Learning Private Limited, Ahmedabad, strive to improve early childhood development and believe that this experience will be trans-formative in Early Childhood Education. It will provide global education exposure for our children and expand their world so as to lay a strong foundation of love for learning. Pertaining to this, we organize various seminars, workshops and teachers’ training at Preschools.

This time, we are coming up with ‘The Numbers Lady – Dr.Rebecca Klemm’ of USA to share her love for learning with kids. The event will be presented on:


to ‘Meet & Greet’ the Numbers Lady from USA!
Supported by the Mr. Piyush Joshi and Dr. Paresh Patel of Surat
Ms. Karishma Sanghvi of PopKorn Kids.

A fusion of PopKorn Kids (Playing is Learning - that provides a variety of activity based learning modules for children in the age group 2 to 7 years) and the famed Numbers Lady- Dr. Rebecca Klemm from NumbersAlive! USA is sure to create magic.

Venue : JB Auditorium, Ahmedabad Management Association, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.
Date  : 26th November, 2016
Time  : 10.a.m. and 1.00 p.m.

Venue : Gandhi Smruti Bhavan, Nanpura, SURAT
Date  : 28th November, 2016
Time  : 10.a.m. and 1.00 p.m.

Participation Charges are INR 1000/- per person that includes following,
-          Meet and Greet Dr.Rebecca Klemm
-          ‘Certification of Attendance’ by PopKorn & Dr.Rebecca Klemm
-          PopKorn Kids App for all Attendees

To register, mail us on

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Connect your little toddler through Different form of Language

Childhood is full of fun and filled with notable experience for kids as well as the parents. Kids are curious, imaginative and inquisitive…so excited and eager to learn new things, about their surroundings.  They try to communicate by moving hands, nodding head, paddling legs, shaking hands in different direction, tottering whole body and many other things they do, which makes feel something different for parents.

As and when kids grow, parents should share the stories and poems with them.  This is an excellent way to help them develop language and early childhood literacy skills. Stories, poems and rhymes can be used to promote the understanding and positive attitude about the natural world. Many of the kids have heard about “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and many kids think of shining stars in the sky. This offers more accurate information of nature or say about the stars and sky.

For Example, one rhyme we used to chant in pre-schools:
I can See Right,
I can see Left,
Hello to You,
I look at Ground,
I look at sky.
Fly – off little bird.
Good Bye. Good Bye.

Some of the benefits kids are likely to gain from above poem that includes the development of language, what is right? What is left? Looking Up...Down…etc; A deeper understanding of Sight Words pertaining to International Curriculum for kindergarten. Poetry is more effective than other forms of developing linguistic skills in kids. It has an enthralling and phenomenal way of introducing new ways of seeing the things around kids. Picture books are also written as poems and can be used to nurture poetic thinking in kids. (You can have a look of such Picture Book designed by PopKorn Kids also.)

So, parents enjoy the childhood of your kids by helping them to nurture their skills via fascinating poems and cherish the parenthood with your toddler. 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

What children think does matter!

In today's digital era, it is important to teach future managers, scientists, engineers about the lessons in morality pertaining to the education that will help them to improve the quality of life. 

Education can be a vehicle to help next generation to point out - what's wrong going on in the society? They can be able to identify and justify the same in future. Hence, education should provide a training ground for students to sharpen their skills. They can be able to explore that how ethical decisions are made and what should be taken into consideration for the same. That's why it is suggested that we must start teaching children how to think.....not what to think.