Thursday, 22 December 2016

Fun filled Kids Educational Playroom

Traditional classroom concept with black board and benches is very unconventional now days. It’s a proven fact that grasping capacity is definitely on higher side with observation rather than simply listening.  Play room is the favorite room in the house for the kids. This room offers the most fun to them with no obvious reason. Hence now it’s a time to convert classroom into play room. In the todays changing environment, it is essential to develop their intellectual and physical capacity. From our point of view, play can look like just a silly fun. But from kids view, it is how they experiment and observe the world.

Kids are natural explorer. They are drawn to the things around them. If the classroom is filled with plenty of open ended toys that allow kids to experiment and try new things they can grasp the things easily and in a playful manner. Toys are more than just fun. Toys provide some opportunity for children to learn something.

Some educational toys engage a child’s sense, develop their imagination power and encourage them to interact. Every new shape, colour and sound is a learning experience for the kids. Giving different options within the classroom also helps to decrease the behavior problems. Interest areas in classroom such as blocks, toys, music etc. can help them in developing concentration. Making education enjoyable will help to develop a positive attitude towards learning. This is just similar to PopKorn Kids concept “Playing is learning”. PopKorn has created learning solutions for kids in the form of audio-visuals, educational games and books to develop early childhood skills.

By playing games, kids may be able to understand a new concept or idea. Through games kids can learn a variety of skills such as creativity, teamwork, sportsmanship etc. Using play method as a tool to teach in the early childhood classroom will bring a holistic approach to the content and will help developing every part of each child. Playing is an important aspect for healthy brain development. After teaching a lesson, letting children play will help them put the information they have just learned into imaginary real world situations. Playing also offers some cherished memories.

So, make your classroom full of fun and enjoyable for kids!

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  1. Some instructive toys draw in a tyke's sense, build up their creative energy control and urge them to associate. Each new shape, shading and sound is a learning knowledge for the children. Day Care in HSR Layout