Friday, 18 November 2016

Playway methods for Kids to Bring out the best

Wondering or what?  No need to do so, folks...!  

We all know that kids love to play a lot.  Between the age of 2 to 7 years, children develops the skills of knowledge, understanding of self and surroundings. But, to make them learn, the methodology used, also play significant role in child's learning. At this age, they prefer to play and enjoy. If we show them a book and ask them to read or learn, probably they will not. But learning is also important! Hence, PopKorn Kids has developed such a concept for preschools and kindergarten to make kids' learning enjoyable; and that’s 'Playing is learning' concept.

Play is a crucial part of a child's development to explore their skills. PopKorn Kids offer such playful methods for kids and preschools. PopKorn Methodology includes learning through stories, rhymes, puzzles, activities, games etc. that will help the children to learn and grow.

Considering such playful methodology for preschools and kindergarten, PopKorn Kids is coming up with an extraordinary seminar of Letters and Numbers addressing the preschools, preschool teachers, parents and kids pertaining to the Early Childhood Education and Development. As they all play vital role in early childhood development. 

How a particular concept or skills should be developed in kids through play way method, will be described by Kindergarten experts. Seminar will be held by The Numbers Lady of USA & Yuva Jugal Jodi of Surat accompanied by PopKorn Mom. 

PopKorn Team loves to bring out the best in your children...Aren't you?

Join the seminar by giving us a call on 7874777747 & Get a Surprise Gift!

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