Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Connect your little toddler through Different form of Language

Childhood is full of fun and filled with notable experience for kids as well as the parents. Kids are curious, imaginative and inquisitive…so excited and eager to learn new things, about their surroundings.  They try to communicate by moving hands, nodding head, paddling legs, shaking hands in different direction, tottering whole body and many other things they do, which makes feel something different for parents.

As and when kids grow, parents should share the stories and poems with them.  This is an excellent way to help them develop language and early childhood literacy skills. Stories, poems and rhymes can be used to promote the understanding and positive attitude about the natural world. Many of the kids have heard about “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and many kids think of shining stars in the sky. This offers more accurate information of nature or say about the stars and sky.

For Example, one rhyme we used to chant in pre-schools:
I can See Right,
I can see Left,
Hello to You,
I look at Ground,
I look at sky.
Fly – off little bird.
Good Bye. Good Bye.

Some of the benefits kids are likely to gain from above poem that includes the development of language, what is right? What is left? Looking Up...Down…etc; A deeper understanding of Sight Words pertaining to International Curriculum for kindergarten. Poetry is more effective than other forms of developing linguistic skills in kids. It has an enthralling and phenomenal way of introducing new ways of seeing the things around kids. Picture books are also written as poems and can be used to nurture poetic thinking in kids. (You can have a look of such Picture Book designed by PopKorn Kids also.)

So, parents enjoy the childhood of your kids by helping them to nurture their skills via fascinating poems and cherish the parenthood with your toddler. 

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