Thursday, 27 October 2016

What children think does matter!

In today's digital era, it is important to teach future managers, scientists, engineers about the lessons in morality pertaining to the education that will help them to improve the quality of life. 

Education can be a vehicle to help next generation to point out - what's wrong going on in the society? They can be able to identify and justify the same in future. Hence, education should provide a training ground for students to sharpen their skills. They can be able to explore that how ethical decisions are made and what should be taken into consideration for the same. That's why it is suggested that we must start teaching children how to think.....not what to think. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Beat the Curiosity of Your Kids

Parents know that babies are born with unlimited curiosity. Just think about all of the things your little ones touch, grab, stare at, put in their mouths and so many things they do.  Little one has curiosity to know what is going on around her. They have desire to learn new things, and this is called Curiosity. In simple word, we can say that, they are actually exhibiting interest in learning.

Curiosity encourages and allows individuals to be intellectually self-sufficient. Stimulating your children’s curiosity is a wonderful gift. Do you know, Why? Because it enables them to continually learn, grows, and questions the world they live in. This curiosity is related to critical thinking and reasoning. We can recognize this thing in children when they explore their nearby environment, connect with the people and seek what’s that? As children learn so much more through activities that capture their attention in and outside their surroundings.

Pictures on the wall, fan, and TV or say normal family activity are naturally fascinating for kids. If you give toys and playable objects to your kids, then let them do or play with the objects in their way or say style! They will learn what’s that? Let their creativity be their guide to learn new things.

But today’s digital era has something unique for your kids and that’s Mobile phones or tablet. Now-a-days, parents channel their kids’ curiosity using such devices to create unique experience. Certain android apps or iOS apps are there in the market which helps the kids to learn and explore the world. Parents can make them learn new things by using various apps i.e. PopKorn Kids apps. Parents & pre-schools across Gujarat prefer to help the toddlers to learn by using such mobile apps.

“When you are curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” – Walt Disney


Monday, 24 October 2016

PopKorn Books for your Kids

Books play an important role in the early childhood. Books help to learn with curiosity and fill a child's mind with knowledge. There is wide range of books available for your toddler. But, below is the list of books designed and developed by PopKorn Kids, which are unique in comparison to others, providing all significant designed in a 'Play way Method' to make your toddlers' learning interesting and filled with curiosity.

PopKorn Books for Kindergarten:
1.       Learn & Practice English with PopKorn
2.       Learn & Practice Math with PopKorn
3.       Learn & Practice World Around Us with PopKorn
4.       Learn & Practice Basic Skills with PopKorn

PopKorn Kids Writing Series for Kindergarten:
1.       Alphabet Writing - Capital Letters
2.       Alphabet Writing - Small Letters
3.       Alphabet Writing - Capital and Small Letters
4.       Alphabet Writing – Cursive Capital Letters
5.       Alphabet Writing – Cursive Small Letters
6.       Alphabet Writing – Cursive Capital and Small Letters
7.       Word Talent Part I – CVC Words & Sight Words
8.       Word Talent Part II - Blends, Digraph & Sight Words
9.       Number Writing – 1 to 50
10.     Number Writing – 51 to 100
11.      Hindi Writing

PopKorn Books for Playgroup:
1.       Picture Book
2.       Little Creator and PopKorn
3.       Learn Letters and Numbers with PopKorn
4.       Learn Basic Skills with PopKorn
5.       Rhyme and Story Time with PopKorn

You can get the book from Amazon: or contact PopKorn Kids.